Tanya Barany (Tanja Zimmermann)

musicienne / chanteuse

The smoky sounds hang like a melodious fog between your ears for some time after listening. It’s sultry and evocative with a deep rumbling undertow that complements the clean unpretentiousness of the lyrics. Tanya Barany's vocals are supremely silky, slipping between the gentle and whispery and something a little grittier, riddled with harmonies and sweetly sad at times. These are heartfelt, soulful sounds that manage to balance a distant familiarity with an entirely fresh feel. Delicately wrought and skillfully layered, but holding onto a rawness that leaves this collection of songs feeling so dynamic. Tanya Barany - a neon brain and a black lit heart. // Dark Pop

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2008-2013: Eidg. Matura, Musique
2013/2014: Précollège Jazz, Université Luzern
2014/2015: Bachelor Jazz Vocals, Zurich Université de l'Art
2015-2017: Bachelor Pop Vocals, Zurich Université de l'Art
2017-: Master in Music Pedagogy, Zurich Université de l'Art


  • Première Single "Red Dust"

    Type de publication: Autre
    Publié en: 16.08.2016

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Tanya Barany

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Tanya Barany (Tanja Zimmermann)
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